Lawn Renovation

From time to time even the best lawn need some renovation, and this can come in many forms. Whether your lawn is in need of a lot or just a little we can help. 

Renovation can be as simple as scarifying & aerating the lawn, right on up to a full re-seed with top dressing. Depending on the quality of your lawn and the needs you have our technicians can discuss exactly what, if any, processes are needed.

If any renovation work is required a quote will be provided. We never advise for work that is unnecessary, our simple goal is provide you with the best lawn possible. 

Over seeding 

Due to the simple fact we cut our lawns the grass itself never has a chance to go to seed and therefore naturally reseed bare patches. Grass however does grow laterally, in other words it will spread to the side and this is what produces a thick mat of healthy lawn. 

Sometimes due to such factors discussed to the right, or simply because a lawn needs to be 'refreshed', it is beneficial to reseed as lateral growth will not provide total coverage.  This combined with a top dressing offers a truly high end renovation. But this can be expensive when done correctly and so may not suit all clients, but as always all options can be discussed in order to get exactly what you require from your lawn. 

Top dressing

Simply put top dressing is the process of adding an organic material such as loam, sand or a mix to the entirety of the lawn. The material is important as it will need to sit well with your unlying soil-base. 

Top dressing is beneficial because it:  

  • Can assist with the bedding in of any new seed laid
  • Aid in the leveling out any small divots or bumps. 
  • Improve the composition of the soil base
  • Help control thatch 
  • Assist in drainage over time

As with most renovation work it is carried out in late summer early autumn, and so still giving the grass a chance to grow before it's winter dormancy. 

More information on all renovation work can be given anytime by simply calling our freephone number. 

Lawn can deteriorate for many reasons but the main causes are:
Low sunlight due to surrounding trees. This often produces a very mossy lawn which can quite often have poor drainage due to the fact water is not being drawn up by the leaves of the lawn. 
Poor Maintenance. Sadly If a lawn is not cut on a regular basis or is cut to short, it will become either thick and grow in clumps or hard with sparse grass. It is always important to cut your grass at a height of around 1.5" to 3/4" depending on the time of year (Longer in the winter, shorter in the summer unless very dry) at least once every 2 weeks. Grass is like any plant it needs its leaf to survive!
Shallow or infertile soil sub-base. Sadly some newer gardens are not build upon a good bed of soil and so can be hard to produce great lawns. But measures such as getting the fertilizer composition and timing just right can help with this problem.  
Fungal or pest related damage. At certain times of year this can be a real problem, producing everything from brown patches to rings or even slime. The best way to tackle this is understanding the problem exactly and what is causing it.  Then then leads on to a number of solutions ranging from correcting lawn maintenance issues that are creating a habitat for pests to selective herbicides, wetting agents or fungicides.    
Seasonal damage. Snow mold and other winter stresses can cause temporary damage to a lawn which may require small amounts of restoration