Treatment Program

Treatment 1  March - May

T1 the first treatment of the season is a specially formulated 2 in 1 application designed to revive your lawn from its Winter dormancy.

Our specially formulated, polymer coated Spring feed delivers rapid 'green up', thickening the grass sward with no watering in and zero scorch, whilst a liquid moss killer combats any build which may have crept into your lawn during the damp winter conditions.

This combination not only has results within 5 days but will also prepare the lawn perfectly for the further treatments later in the year. 

As with all our treatments, we request that the lawn is not mowed for 3 days before or after a visit. 

Treatment 2  May - August

Early Summer T2 sees the introduction of our specialist slow release granular fertiliser. Nitrogen rich, this feed stimulates leaf growth promoting the development of a lush and verdant lawn while strengthened roots enable fresh reserves of food and water to be tapped.

Meanwhile your lawn will be treated with a selective herbicide to kill back any existing or emergent weeds.

As with all our seasonal treatments your lawn will be examined for any signs of pests or disease with swift preventative measures in place should the case arise

T graphic3.jpg

Treatment 3  August - September 

As the long Summer days draw out, the stresses and strains of seasonal periods of dry weather can begin to take a toll on your lawn.

T3 is a specialised feed designed to alleviate any symptoms of distress. Its balanced formula replenishes lost nutrients and the combination of Nitrogen and Phosphorous act to repair and replace senescent growth encouraging side shooting of the grass, thereby thinking the lawn. once again this will not need watering in and will cause no scorch. But to truly kick start the feed a little watering at this time goes a long way. 

Any remaining weeds will be spot sprayed to avoid unnecessary application of weed killer thereby minimising environmental impact and strain on the grass.

Treatment 4  September - October

The final treatment in our annual care programme, T4 is a spray only treatment which prepares the lawn ready for winter. 

Nitrogen is not longer needed, as this can encourage new growth late in the season which some fungi will feed off. Instead we apply a high strength moss killer in order to get the lawn ready for the following year. This compound also has the added bonus of helping to 'green up' the lawn.

Around this time leaves may begin to appear on your lawn, this is not a problem as we will blow them off your lawn in order to apply the treatment.